What if you believed it

A conversation between my son and I.

Son “Mom, can you bring me my bag from upstairs” (his attempt to be lazy)

Me “No, you can get it yourself” (my attempt to prevent his laziness)

Son “But you are an athlete, it would be so easy for you” (his attempt to manipulate me)

Me “Here is your bag” (it worked)

Now, despite the blatant buttering up, it got me thinking what if we believed the things we want for ourselves.  How would this change our behaviours.

In this case my son called me an athlete and if I believed I was an athlete I would do athletic things. (maybe not serve my son his every request) I would prioritize sleep, exercise, and feed my body nutritional foods.  

Perhaps your goal is to be a person that tries new things, goes to bed earlier, be a more loving spouse, do more with your children or be a non-smoker.  

How would a person behave that has accomplished these goals?  

What are the small steps that you can take to move in this directions?  

Once you decide on these things check in throughout your day to see if you are making choices that support the goals you want to make.  

So what would you do if you believed you were that person? Now, go do them.

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