We All Need A Cheerleader!

Our genetics tell us to focus on what is dangerous and a threat.  This makes changing things in our life all that more difficult.  If we have two thoughts in our mind such as: “you will never get that job, you are not good enough” and “apply for the job you would rock it”.  Our mind will focus on the negative one.  In fairness our mind thinks it is protecting us.  

First, decide if you are really in danger.  Chances are, you aren’t.  

Second, find proof that the positive is true.  It is always easy to find proof of the negative but since we decided we aren’t in danger then it won’t serve any purpose.

Back to finding proof and the need for a cheerleader.

It would be great if you could be your own cheerleader but if you aren’t used to it then you may need some help.  Have you ever watched a football game and noticed there is an entire cheerleading squad to support the team.  They have a cheer no matter whether the team is in defensive or offensive mode.  They also cheer even when the odds are against the team.

So, find your squad.  Make a list of people that you can call to cheer you on.  If you are sitting there thinking, “I don’t have those people” then go to someone close to you and tell them that you want to do something that makes you nervous and you need support.  Tell them you already know all the reasons that it may not work out and that you need some reasons why it might.  People will surprise you.  If you are direct people usually rise to the occasion.

If not, move on, you are in tryouts and that person didn’t make the squad.     

Now it’s up to you though.  Listen to your cheerleader(s) and then start saying the same to yourself and start taking action.  

I will be happy to be one of your cheerleaders.

You can do this!


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